Healthcare Asset Network is the easiest and most
trusted way for your organization to buy and sell
healthcare products at the best value.
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Save up to 50% on medical supplies and equipment.
How does it work?


Link to our network and sell your excess inventory, converted products and underutilized assets to other members on the network. We find the buyer, and we help you get the highest dollar for your goods.

What types of products can I sell?

Healthcare Asset Network is a marketplace for our members to buy and sell high-quality excess inventory, supplies and equipment from each other at the smartest value.


We match your product wish list within our member network and deliver the opportunity buys directly to your inbox. You can save up to 50% off your contract price on products you buy everyday.

What can I buy on the market?
Working together and stretching the spend, without the hassle.

Buy And Sell, The Smarter Way

Our customized matching system puts the products you need in your inbox, when your want it, without the search. Feel confident you are recouping the most value for your excess goods, because we do the negotiating for you.

Trusted Quality, From The Best

Our national industry advisory board reviews the product offering to ensure the quality and integrity within the marketplace. Our peer rating system lets you know that you can trust that members do good by the network.

Simple, Organized & Integrated

No more long spreadsheets, phone calls and messy negotiations with multiple vendors. We seamlessly integrate with your systems, and are the one contact point to buy and sell, on your time.

See why our members love us for finding their lost healthcare dollars:

"HAN makes getting more value from our healthcare spend easy and simple. I know that I am saving my organization many thousands of dollars, buying at the best value out there."

- Amy S.

Director of Purchasing, Midwest Health System

Healthcare Asset Network